Top Anti Virus Software’s for Windows 10 to prevent Malware

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In order to prevent PC or Laptop from virus that is using Windows 10, there are many anti virus software’s that are available. These anti virus are not only paid but are also free. It is highly important to install anti virus software in the Computer and run it every 15 days or once in a month. By running this anti virus software not only malware but also unwanted files will be removed from the computer. So that the PC or Laptop will be running smoothly without any difficulties.

The users of Windows 10 have a choice to select either paid or free antivirus software’s that will protect from harmful malware. Some of the top paid anti virus software’s for Windows 10 are as follows:

  1. Kaspersky
  2. Byte Fence Anti Malware
  3. Bitdefender Anti Virus Plus 2015
  4. Webroot
  5. eScan
  6. Norton Security

Importance of Kaspersky Anti Virus Software

Kaspersky Anti Virus software will be available for 1 year. This software can be purchased from any of the online portals. The main purpose of installing this software is to protect the PC as it gives notifications when ever there is any malicious malware detected. As there is more than one protection layers that will help in identifying harmful malware also it includes system watcher. This watcher will help in the detecting dangerous virus that will effect the Windows 10.

Byte Fence Anti-Malware

This Byte Fence Anti-Malware is another one the best software that is used for Windows 10. This software is easy to install and whenever it starts scanning then it will be able to detect the Trojans, harmful malware and advertisements that are dangerous. This anti virus software is developed in such a way that it can kill any type of powerful viruses that is present in the PC. Even this software is available annually.

Bitdefender Anti Virus Plus

Bitdefender Antivirus software as the capability to detect any vicious links or harmful sites and block them when browsing online. This anti virus software comes as a pack of antispam, parental control, security fire wall and other powerful security features that helps in protecting PC with Windows 10.


Webroot is another best anti virus software that will serve the purpose of detecting dangerous malware for the users of Windows 10. The cloud security system which is present in this anti virus software will be able to detect any threat that will attack the PC. This comes in a pack consisting of fire wall, anti phishing, network connection check along with the sandbox.


This eScan anti virus software is specifically designed only for Windows of any version. Though this software as the ability to detect and kill any of dangerous malware but the drawback is that it takes time to security check or scan. This pack includes secure browsing, fire wall and spam filtration tool.

Norton setup uk

Norton Security anti virus is one of the popular software that helps in cleaning the malicious malware in Windows 10. It contains all the necessary and advanced malware detecting tools at the affordable price. The advantageous feature of this software is that it will not allow to run the malicious files if they are present in PC.

The above mentioned are some of the popular paid antivirus software’s used for Windows 10 apart from these there are several other software that helps in cleaning the PC. While the below mentioned are free antivirus software which can be used in determining malicious malware.

  1. Avira – Though it as complicated interface it cleans approximately 80% of malicious malware. If the file is infected then it will automatically blocks autorun of any program and even will be able to detect infected flash drive.
  2. Avast – The best free software for Windows 10 which will immediately stop any dangerous virus attacks. Advantage of this software is that it can scan router security and password manager security scan.
  3. Fortclient – One of the popular free antimalware software for Windows 10 which helps in quickly detecting the dangerous spyware.
  4. Panda – The rate of detecting dangerous malware is high in this software and competes with paid software. The web filter present in it will help in detecting dangerous virus from the internet and rescue kit present will kill the viruses present.

To protect Windows 10 apart from the mentioned antivirus software’s there are many other paid as well as free software. But among all those the above mentioned are the popular and helps in cleaning the PC without difficultly.

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