Norton security support UK

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Norton security support UK helps to protect the computer from various types of attacks. Along with PC, mobiles can also be protected from such attacks.

Features of Norton Security

Norton security has many features, which are discussed here.

  • All devices can be protected from one solution.
  • The devices are protected from viruses, malware, spyware, and other online attacks.
  • The privacy of the device is maintained. It does not matter which device is being used.
  • The Norton security prevents suspicious downloads and unsafe websites.
  • Users can move protection from one device to another.
  • Users can add more protection if new devices are added.
  • The software also helps to find lost smartphones and tablets.
  • Kids can safely use internet.
  • The company has promised to keep the devices virus free and if the customer is not happy, he can get the full refund.

Cost of Norton Security Products

Norton security support UK does not provide any free security product but all of them have a thirty-day trial version. Users have to pay yearly for the products they have to use. Here are the products listed with their costs.

Norton Antivirus Basic

The cost of this Norton security support UK product is $50 and it includes Proactive Exploit Protection or PEP. This product stops any attack before it can do any damage to the system.

Norton Security Standard

This product costs $70 and includes two-way firewall, customer support for 24 hours and 7 days, system optimization, etc.

Norton Security Deluxe

This product costs $90 and is available for Windows PC, Mac PC, tablets, and smartphones. Users who buy this product can also access My Norton web portal. Total five systems can be connected with one subscription.

Norton Security Premium

This product costs $110 and one subscription can be used for ten systems. It also provides Windows backup and cloud storage of 25GB.

Antivirus Protection

The antivirus products provided by Norton security support UK can protect against malware, malicious attachments, and online threats. The malware engine checks for the malware and monitors the changes in the system. The files that are suspicious are sent to the labs for analysis.

The flash drives are not scanned automatically and the user has to perform the task manually. If any malware is found, it is erased by Power Eraser tool or Norton Bootable Recovery Tool, which cleans the hard drive in Linux environment.

Antivirus Performance

 The malware engine in the software is able to detect and clean all the attacks. The software can detect 97% of the threats and clean them. The tests in October 2018 showed that it can detect 99% of the threats, which was equal to Bitdefender.

Security and Privacy Features

The Norton products include ID safe power manager and s Silent mode to stop interruptions caused by popups, updates, and other interruptions. Norton products do not provide extra tools in comparison to other antivirus software.

Performance and System Impact

Previously, Norton products used to slow down or even crash the system but the company has made great changes to overcome these difficulties.

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