Norton security support helps to filter such phishing websites

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Symantec has discontinued Norton antivirus and Norton internet security and in place of them it has brought Norton security. Norton antivirus can be considered as a basic product but it can protect the computer from all kinds of malware like viruses, spyware, worm s, etc. This product from Symantec comes with low price. Norton antivirus is good for those people who use the default firewall provided by Windows.

Norton Internet Security

Norton activation support comes with features of Norton antivirus alone with many additional features. These security features are described here.


This feature is not present in Norton Antivirus. The firewall protects the computer from d=hackers and also from various types of dangers like malware, virus attack, worms, etc. The firewall helps the user to control incoming and outgoing traffic. The two-way firewall offers the feature of configuring the firewall according to the user’s requirement and preferences. Users can configure it in such a way that only few apps can use the internet. It can also be configured to block certain IP addresses. If users find any problem with firewall, they can connect to Norton security support

Identity Protection

Identity theft is very common for the people who use internet. User can be the victim of phishing attack, which can be due to entering information on a site, which looks legitimate, but actually, it is not. Norton internet security helps to filter such phishing websites by analyzing the links which a user wants to open through an email or from a website. If there is a danger, the Norton internet security warns the user about it and requests to be away from it.

Norton Identity Safe

This feature encrypts the credential of a user for any website. When a user opens the website, the feature automatically inserts the credentials so user need not type them. In this way, he is saved from malicious keylogging software.

Norton Safe Web

Norton safe web protects the user form visiting fake and fraudulent sites, which a user finds in search results. As this feature, warns the user, so he should not visit those sites. When a user is surfing web, then also this feature works and lets the user know whether the site is genuine or fake.

Antispam feature

This feature is useful for those users who use Microsoft Outlook for checking their emails. This feature helps to identify malicious messages in emails. Users can configure this feature as per their requirement and preferences and the feature will take action accordingly. This feature does not work with Google mail, Yahoo mail, as these email services have spam filters.

Parental controls management

Children have also got familiar with internet and use it for the purpose of studies and entertainment. Parents have to take special care to know what their children are watching. Norton internet security feature helps the parents in this matter as they can control websites so that the children do not watch any bad one. Parents can also check the chat messages and know to whom their children are talking with.

Norton internet security helps the users to protect the computer from different attacks trough the web.


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