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Norton Antivirus comes with many features, which helps the devices like computers and mobiles to be safe from various types of attacks. The software has impact on the performance of the system but still it has been passed through many checks and passed them, which show that it is a good antivirus software and people should go for it. There are four versions and the people can choose any of them as per their requirement. Some of the versions also provide norton setup uk online tech support that helps the users when they face any problem regarding the software or any attack.

Norton Antivirus Basic

This version comes with Proactive Exploit Protection that has the capability to check and stop any attack before it can do any damage to the files or the system. The software comes with browser extensions that block the malicious sites. The software comes with Studio app but it is supporter only Windows 8.1 and above. Another app that comes with this antivirus is ID Safe Password Manager, which can be installed on Windows 7 and above.

Norton Antivirus Standard

This version comes with two-way firewall, customer support for24/7, money back guarantee, and many other features. Along with these, it also has all the features of the Basic version. The users will get the help of Norton online tech support.

Norton Antivirus Deluxe

This version has all the features of Standard version. One subscription if deluxe version can support five devices running on any operating system. Another feature is the access to the My Norton portal, which the users can use to manage their devices. If there is any problem, people can contact Norton online tech support.

Norton Antivirus Premium

The premium version the expensive version and comes with many features which cannot be found in any of the versions. Users can take backup of their files and store them in 25GB cloud space, which is available for free with this version. The premium version also comes with parental control, which helps the parents to track what their children are watching on the internet.

Antivirus protection

All the versions protect the system from malware, spyware, ransomware, and many types of attacks. There are many browser extensions that come with the software which protect the users from malicious sites and apps. The malware engine that is present in the software helps to monitor the known malware and then upload the files that are suspicious to the Norton labs.

Antivirus Performance

Though the software is able to detect all types of malwares but still it is little behind other antivirus software. In June 2018, a test was conducted in which Norton was able to detect 97% of the malwares but other antivirus software detected 99% of the malwares.

Wrapping Up

Norton antivirus comes with various features, which helps the people to protect their devices from various types of attacks. Users can do all types of transactions securely and can also visit emails and social media accounts easily.

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