Norton online tech support to help you steer clear of technical support scams

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Have you been receiving calls from any person stating to be a Norton customer care executive who has just spotted a malware or so in your computer? Beware! You could be under the spiteful eyes of the tech support scam that’s recently wreaking havoc to many. This kind of internet fraud is rising in numbers all across the globe and customers of reputable companies like Norton are primarily in the hit list. So, if you have recently faced such issues or becoming aware of them, here’s all that you should know.

What is a technical support scam?

Understanding the technical assistance scam is very much essential to get an insight into why and how the chain of online crimes occur across the world. Fear tactics along with social engineering are the two primary ways by which these imposters compel the victim to fall in their traps. Though Norton antivirus uk tech supportis always there to assist their customers, most people fail to even realize that they have fallen prey to a scam. Pop-up messages, cold calls and improper search engine results are the three most dangerous means through which the technical support scam functions. Now the question is why on earth do they take the time out in disturbing and harassing people. Their main motive is to extort the consumers for gaining money and forcing them to install certain malware like backdoor Trojans or keyloggers which can give them access to sensitive personal information.

What should you do when you have been victimized?

The next question is what to do when in doubt? The first step you should take is to change the passwords to the computer and financial institution to the current Norton account that you are subscribed to. A full system scam is your savior from viruses on your device. In case of any fraud transaction, you should report to your bank without further delay. The Norton Power Eraser is a strong and intense process of scanning the device for detecting any presence of complicated threats which any conventional antivirus system may fail to detect. In case, you don’t know how to use it, you can always seek the assistance of Norton online tech support.  Finally, in case any mishap has taken a toll on your personal possessions, filling a complaint with the concerned anti-fraud bureau can be the best resort.

One thing that all Norton users should be aware of is that Norton online tech support is always available for their consumers. You will never receive any kind of unsolicited calls from Norton support asking for money or any kind of personal information. The official webpage and contact number is available 24×7 and it is advised that you should reach out to them anytime you feel you are under any suspicious scam.

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