Norton Antivirus Protection Fighting Against The Online Threats

Norton Antivirus Protection

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The antivirus software has been developed and distributed by Symantec Corporation and it is designed in a way that it identifies and blocks any virus which is intending to enter in your system. norton chat uses heuristics and signatures in order to identify any virus or threat.

Besides being a shield to viruses, Norton antivirus includes other features as well. These features are:

  • E-mail Spam Filtering

E-mail spam filtering is a special feature which is designed to block spam e-mails which are intruding in the user’s mailbox. This feature identifies the unwanted and unsolicited e-mails and restricts those messages from reaching the inbox. Norton Antivirus provides this feature in order to safeguard the user from any scam or threat.

  • Phishing Protection

Phishing refers to data theft. It is actually a type of attack which is done by the hacker to steal your data like passwords, usernames, credit card details etc. Thus, a phishing attack can have severe and devastating effects on the user. Norton Antivirus has a special feature which prevents any such attack. This keeps your data safe and restricts all such activities that can steal your data.

Other Highlights Of Norton Antivirus

Besides protecting your system from any damage or online threat, Norton antivirus has one major highlight which is probably a cherry on top. This highlight is more like a blessing to all those who face any difficulty in accessing Norton Antivirus services.

‘Norton Antivirus Tech Support UK’ is a team of people who helps you figure out an easy way the technical difficulties you face while dealing with the services of Norton Antivirus. The tech support team takes your queries and problems and assist you to get out of it and the best part is you don’t have to step out of your home for getting this facility.

You can easily contact the tech support team through a phone call. They handle any and every query whether it is a technical one or a generic one. If you are facing a difficulty in installing the software, if you are having trouble using the software or any such small or big hindrance is there in your way you can contact on Norton Antivirus Tech Support Phone Number UK to sort out your issue. Thus Norton antivirus tech support team is a blessing in disguise and perhaps the best feature which resolves all your disputes and complications without disturbing your comfort zone.

Contact On Norton Antivirus Tech Support Phone Number UK For Any

Norton customer service or Norton Antivirus Tech Support is available to you for 24*7. You can contact on Norton Antivirus Tech Support Phone Number UK, which is +44-(0)20-7616-5600. If you have any question or you are in any kind of dilemma you can reach out on Norton Antivirus Tech Support phone number UK anytime and get a clear and easy solution or answer to it.

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